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        You've reached the webpage of Carla Cloud, actress and voice-over talent of the southeast United States. Carla Cloud is a gifted actress whose talented professionalism, range of voice quality, and positive personality always keeps clients and producers asking for more. Whether working with youth or adults, fellow actors or corporate CEOs, Carla collaborates with every person on each particular project overcoming any challenge as a result of her varied experience. She is valued as a quick study and records cold read voice-over work for clients in a time crunch helping them to make their tight production schedules.

        From stage to print and commercial to corporate, Carla is involved in entertaining and educating. Whether you’re looking for a character voice/actress or a spokesperson, Carla's ability to quickly connect with a character or a product keeps her at the top of the list for callbacks.

        But don't just take our word for it, look at what her clients have to say:
        "Carla Cloud literally saved our movie. We looked for months for the right actress to play Eulalie Salley in Edgewood: Stage of Southern History. Carla played the character from the age of 30 to 85, an unbelievable accomplishment, with the grace and style of the great woman herself. She literally inhabited the character and won rave reviews from everybody who saw her performance. She is an asset to any director with which she works."
        -Chris Saxon-Koelker (Filmmaker - Aiken, SC)

        "I actually remember the first time I met Carla. It was at an audition for the television series Home. She has one of those presences that just pops. Once she was on set it was no different. She came out prepared and nailed everything we asked her to do. It was a pure pleasure to work with her and I hope to do it again soon."
        -Richard Clark, Jr. (Writer/Director/Producer - New Daydream Films/Halogen TV)

        "Carla Cloud, is a true pleasure to work with. She is such a professional and a very humble human being. Her presence on camera is unreal!"
        -Kent Allen (Producer/Writer/Editor - Allen Films & New Daydream Films)